Friday, May 05, 2006


i went and saw Brick with some friends last night and the more i think about it, the more impressed i am with it. in it's tale of a disenchanted, lovelorn teenager as self-made detective, uncovering murder and vice amidst the high schools drug underground, Brick brings a dedicated adaption of the film noir genre to a River's Edge quality teen drama. at the same time, it is not afraid to satirize that moody crime genre, which has become wrought in stereotypes, especially in the portayal of stylized lingo, since it's emergence in the forties. the cynicism, humor, and california murder-mystery that shows the dark soul of the states sunny suburbs make altman's the Long Goodbye an obvious comparison, especially in regards to cinematography and in protagonist depiction (Joseph Gordon-Levitt following up Mysterious Skin with another edgy role to make people dismiss his youthful sitcom past). and then of course there's the music (this is a music blog, no). the soundtrack was crafted by Nathan Johnson of the Cinematic Underground (who will be playing the bluebird in denver on the 15th of this month) and like the music he's created with that band, Johnson's Brick score is quite the musical junkyard, pulling from an array of unconventional instruments to create interesting sounds that double as music laced with film noir idioms. today's download is from an italian podcast that featured Johnson and several pieces from the film.

Cinematic Underground Podcast featuring Nathan Johnson and music from Brick


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