Friday, May 26, 2006

hissing prigs in static couture

today is one of those arbitrary looks at one of my all-time favorite albums. Hissing Prigs in Static Couture was the third album released by the dayton, oh-based group, Brainiac. it was their first album for influential indie Touch & Go. with Hissing Prigs, the band made a leap from the basement indierock experimenting of their previous work and committed themselves to a noisy, high-energy blend of new wave and garage rock that utilized countless electronic effects and some unconventional moog playing. perhaps the change was egged on by producer Eli Janney, who was making simular changes with his own band, Girls vs Boys. cliche aside, the inspired cacophony within sounds like it was recorded by a sci-fi protagonist worthy schizophrenic robot (perhaps the cracked machine of the albums final track) and while the album can be fairly abrasive and weird at times, the group was rumored to be making the jump to a major soon after its release. sadly frontman Tim Taylor died in a car accident during the recording of a follow-up album and the group disbanded. while you seem to never hear much about the album or band, perhaps because their time was short, this album actually made top albums of the 90s lists for both pitchfork and alternative press. i can still put it on and feel like i'm being given something good that i haven't heard anywhere else.

Brainiac "Vincent Come On Down"


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