Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i can't figure out these bottle caps

Super XX Man once became the side project of Scott Garred, who moved to texas and fronted popular austin-based popsters Silver Scooter for a trio of albums. with the release last month of his latest album, X, the solo endeavor has once again become his full-time music gig. after adopting the moniker, a reference to a short film made by Kodak some time ago, scott has been releasing his simple and heartwarming bedroom pop for eleven years now and currently can claim the curious job of working as a music therapist for the state hospital's maximum security wing. the job has returned him to the northwest were he has made Hush records his new home. a handfull of reviews have pointed to Scott's curious job to explain the simplicity of his songs, but his albums haven't strayed from the formula for some time and i'd suggest it may have been his music that made him right for the work. each of the albums seems to have one song about a lonely guy and X is not without such a song marking the existence of this figure. it's the track, subtitled "(I'm A Lonely Guy)," that i've chosen for today.

Super XX Man "I Can't Figure Out These Bottle Caps"


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Click Clack said...

i've been having a silver scooter resurgence lately, i should dig out the few super xx man records i have too. . .here's to starting that.


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