Thursday, May 04, 2006

i need all the friends i can get

todays track is from my most anticipated album of the year, namely Let's Get Out of This County from Camera Obscura, which is due in early june on merge records. one in a long line of glasgow bands i've become infatuated with, i've already pre-ordered the album as the label is offering it as a bundle with the pre-release single. tracks from the album have been leaking in several places and so far i've enjoyed what i heard, but still look forward to the album as a whole. their previous album, Unachievers Please Try Harder, was my top album two years ago; partly because it was a great pop record and partly because it became the unofficial soundtrack to a summer affair and thus marks the last time anything interesting was going on in my life. guess we'll see what Country brings soon enough.

Camera Obscura "I Need All the Friends I Can Get"


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