Thursday, May 18, 2006

it shouldn't hurt so bad

with the release of the 24th volume of Little Darla Has A Treat for You this week, i thought i'd revisit one of the very first bands the series turned me onto some ten years ago or so. Holiday Flyer was formed by a brother and sister, john and katie conley, who released a number of singles on Silver Girl records before rounding out the line-up with the addition of verna brock (of Beanpole and Rocketship). the northern california group disbanded in 2002 after releasing several albums of comforting, sugary indiepop marked by wistful lyrics delivered in tandem by the siblings. they would branch into the bands the Calfornia Oranges and the Sinking Ships. Holiday Flyer were a staple act on the early Darla comps and would end up recording several albums for the label. the following is off their 1998 ep entitled Blue Harvest.

Holiday Flyer "It Shouldn't Hurt So Bad"


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