Wednesday, May 03, 2006

la verdad

with an upcoming summer tour with Jose Gonzales and a new album (her fourth) out on domino entitled Son, argentinean singer Juana Molina is primed to pick up some casual fans. i say casual because her previous work has been primarily championed by music critics, making top ten lists, but sadly missed by music lovers at large. the timing is also right because Molina's breezy, organic folk for the digital age sound is finding itself in vogue. after attaining success as a comedienne and television personality, Molina walked away from tv to travel. it was in paris and then in los angeles where the singer began working full time on her musical gift. her father, a musician, taught her to play guitar early on in life and she had always dabbled at home admist her acting. perhaps harkering back to those tinkering days, Son is the first album she's recorded entirely at home. as per the language barrier, Molina once stated "My lyrics have to be capable of transmitting the mood and sense of the song even if the listener doesn't understand the language." and she definately succeeds in that it feels intimate, inviting even, regardless of the lyrical content.

Juana Molina "La Verdad"


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