Tuesday, May 09, 2006


another of my obscure tracks that i myself admittedly know little about (we've previously posted about "lost acts" such as ESP All-Stars and the Miles). the song "Scrub" by Junebug appeared on a promotional cd from capitol records years back. it was amdist a time were the label underwent some major turnover at the top due to it's inability to compete in the blossoming hip-hop market. they had invested heavily in alternative music, winning big with some acts like the Foo Fighters, and losing on some critical favorites like Verbena and Van Bran. with the changing of the guard, many acts were dropped before even releasing their first album for the major (including Ida...kind of interesting to think they were almost on a major). as far as i can tell this lead to the Junebug album never being released. i've searched high and low online and found very little to confirm an album was ever released, nor have i been able to find any kind of website for the artist. the reason i've broke it out for today though is i think the track would appeal to a section of the current musical climate. it's folky pop that's kind of like a cross between Neko Case and Mazzy Starr. if anyone has any information, please feel free to chime in

Junebug "Scrub"


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