Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Stack of New Releases (Snow Patrol/Walkmen)

I have a stack of CDs I've meaning to go through for some time. Included are the new albums from Snow Patrol and Walkmen but what really caught my eye was this description stickered to the front of one disc: "vocal sounds of an old saloon with the haunting strings of a Hungarian folk dance and the hard driving rhythms of pure rock and roll, somehow simultaneous reminiscent of both Johnny Cash and Radiohead." Oh, and it was produced by J Robbins of Jawbox and Burning Airlines fame. Wow- could it really be the Tom Waits-Firewater-Johnny Cash-Radiohead hybrid I've been looking for my whole life? Unfortunately it did not fully live up to its stickered promise. Not bad per say, some of the elements were there. I won't embarrass the band by naming them because well, we only say nice things about bands here at A4D.com. I just though the sticker deserved mentioning. Maybe I'll give it another listen in the future- if my memory serves me correctly I hated the first Destroyer album I bought until 4 months later when I put it on and was floored. Sometimes it happenes that way. Anyway, at least I have the new Snow Patrol and Walkmen records to listen to. Here are some choice samples including Snow Patrol name checking Sufjan.

Snow Patrol "Hands Open" (I'm really digging this song alot- lovable anthemic indie rock!)

Walkmen "Lost in Boston"(A song that would make Jonathan Richman proud- which is one of the highest compliments I think one can recieve.)

I think both songs will finally replace Band of Horses' "The Funeral" in the jukebox in my brain.


At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet buys...I've been dying to get back out to Brooklyn to do some shopping myself! Thanks for sharing those tracks, I'm definitely looking forward to Snow Patrol.


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