Monday, May 01, 2006

strange as snow

i was getting ready to post an older tune from the of my favorite bands not many have heard of. i quickly went over to their website to learn that had i stayed on top of things betterm i would have seen earlier that they released a new album, entitled Parallels, in march and so i've changed gears to bring you a new song off of that. the Turn-Ons have always impressed me with their mish-mash of space rock, glam, and shoegaze...making them one of the finest british-sounding american bands in recent memory. the group, which formed in 1997, also seems to have an eye for art, always updating their website and offering aesthetically pleasing posters and pins. they're playing several dates this month, albeit all in the seattle area. be sure to check out there website for several downloadable songs from their previous efforts.

the Turn-Ons "Strange as Snow"


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