Wednesday, June 21, 2006

home movies

it would figure that i'd start pilfering out in the last weeks before A4D's one year anniversary (that would be tommorrow). these are likely the last breaths of the site being something i attempt to post in on a daily basis. it's been a bit of a challenge as i used to post in the evening until i started going to gym regularly at night and then my morning posts were squashed when i lost my internet access at work in the mornings. still not to pin the blame on one thing, it's been months that i've felt unable to find the time to do what i had once envisioned for the site and as a result it's more or less drudged along being fairly irrelevant.

today is another unconventional post. one of my favorite shows of the past few years was Home Movies. last month saw the release of the fourth and final season of Home Movies on dvd. it came with a cd that collected various tunes from the show and i am sharing a pair of tracks from my favorite episodes. once a staple of cartoon network's adult swim line-up, the show that was developed by brendan small and the production company that handled Dr. Katz is about three elementary school kids who are aspiring filmmakers. Home Movies was done primarily in poor flash animation, the shows stories ran slow and the fact that eight year olds seemed to carry the knowledge and experience of adults seemed to confuse some. as a result it kept getting buried on the networks late sunday night slots. still, it found its following; partly because the show is really about the slapstick humor and witticisms spliced throughout each half-hour, a majority coming from the kids primary authorative figure, and personal fictional hero of my own, Coach McGuirk. McGuirk is almost always drunk and offering such sound advice as "anything too hard in life is never worth doing." certainly worth the rental if you missed the boat on it. you can even peruse for a few choice clips from the show.

"I'll Race (Reprise("
"The Wizard's Baker Rock Opera (Medley)"


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What happened to the songs? I was looking forward to getting them.


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