Friday, June 09, 2006

mic checkas

self-proclaimed nappy, underground rappers from the sewer Das Efx emerged from brooklyn onto the rap scene in the early ninties. their nonsensical, rapid-fire delivery of over-the-top pop culture references caught the attention EMPD who signed the band on as part of the Def Squad after sensing the pair (Skoob aka Books and Crazy Dazy aka Dre) were onto something. their debut album, Dead Serious, went platinum and made an immediate impact on the industry. remaining an important album in hip-hop lore, their style quickly emerged as the patented sound of hip hop from that era. it made the duo instant innovators, but just as quickly led the band to obscurity as they fell behind their many immitators. the Def Squad suffered through an EMPD break-up that further held back the groups attempts to stay relevant and they eventually found themselves amidst a lengthy hiatus when three follow-ups failed to have the same kind of success. Das Efx attempted a comeback ten years after the release of their '92 debut, but faltered terribly by releasing an album diluted by raps current topical cliches rather than putting forth the type of rhymes that put them in a brief limelight. still, Das Efx and especially Dead Serious, maintain cult-like status and you'd be hard-pressed to find a fan of hip hop that doesn't own the album or at least recall it fondly. the group has even become a pop culture reference themselves, with the "igity" laden non-sensical words found on their album becoming a frequent joke on the dave chappelle show.

Das Efx "Mic Checka"


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