Thursday, June 01, 2006

the science fiction

with a recently released "best of" album and a forthcoming, two-disc collection of forty-three unreleased songs, entitled Catfight, it seems as good a day as any to finally get some Hefner up on the A4D. Hefner technically began in 1995 though it wasn't until two years later that frontman Darren Hayman pulled together drummer Antony Harding and bassist John Morrison to form the groups core. dubbed "urban folk pop" by the press, the trio arguably won over a majority of their fans by Hayman's penning of tunes about smoking, drinking and fucking with a geek chic that would hijack the familiar sentiments from the rock scene. signed by Too Pure, Hefner released a pair of fairly lo-fi albums for the label, Breaking Gods Heart and the Fidelity Wars, as well as an unusual amount of singles and eps. Boxing Hefner, the collection of many of those singles may be the groups most popular album with fans and is the source for today's track. Hefner's highmark may be 2000's We Love the City. the album does an amazing, and frequently humorous, job at permeating the disenchantment of the clumsy, self-involved twenty-something set that reserves its passions for the most mundane and trivial things in life while finding love in a setting onlookers would only see trouble. the follow-up, and their final album, was Dead Media, which saw the band persuing an interest in electronic music that didn't strike a chord with those who had become fond of the group's previous efforts. last year Hayman won an ugly battle with their previous label to get the rights to their catalog and in-between releasing solo albums he hopes to rerelease their previous albums with bonus tracks.

Hefner "the Science Fiction"


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