Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Zack Attack

Hey everyone. The trailer for the Zack Braff's film Garden State was even better than the film itself (still a pretty darn good film). Most of this was due to great use of tracks from Frou Frou and Postal Service. The soundtrack of course did gangbusters. Zack's got his another film, The Last Kiss, a remake of foreignerL'ultimo bacio, on the way. Check out the musically inclined teaser trailer at his site, along with what he's been listening to and a picture of him with Borat!

[UPDATE: Someone wrote me to let me know that, unlike Garden State, this film is not directed by Braff but rather Tony Goldwyn- the actor who also directed the very underrated A Walk on the Moon. I guess I should have checked the IMDB. What can I say- I only look at my own entry. Braff does have a foreign film remake to direct in his future though- and I'm sure it will have a kick-ass soundtrack. Go watch Scrubs in the meantime. Also, because everyone else wrote asking, the song in the trailer in "Chcolate" off the last Snow Patrol album (not the new one).]


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