Tuesday, October 03, 2006

For Old Times Sake

Hey everyone, I had the opportunity to interview the Scissor Sisters. They have a wonderful and fun new album in stores called Ta-Dah and if you haven't heard it yet, please catch up with the booty-shaking masses. Here's a a bit of our conversation below. If you have a website and would like to post this, please let me know. Enjoy!

JM: So you all got started here in New York City , a city
where ironically it's sometimes illegal to dance. How
did it all come together?

SS: That’s true that it’s illegal to dance in NYC. Jake and I started doing music together in late 2001. I produced dance and we decided to try songwriting. We tried them out at these parties in Wiliamsburg where they’d have DJs with performances. Started out with 1 or 2 songs at those and just went from there! That’s actually how we met Ana because she was a host at one of the first parties…

JM: What do y'all think contributed to your success in the
UK before breaking wide here?

SS: We caught on to a culture or it caught on to us. Sing-a-long culture that is! UK was more interested in us and brought us over there. It’s the decadence and wholesomeness of the music we were making which we got a lot of enthusiasm from.

JM: What do you think has been your most proud
accomplishment as a band so far?

SS: Playing Trafalgar Square with just under 20K people was a pretty big accomplishment for us! They shut down the center of London for us.

JM: A question about songwriting- the typical SS song
seems to be characterized by raunchy fun, yet songs
such as "Return to Oz" and "Tits on the Radio" show
some social and political deepness. Where does that
come from and how collaborative is the process?

SS: Jake is our main lyricist. He has a very active mind / imagination and is very aware of what is going on around him. That in combination with fantasy masked with a bit of poetry, is how it all starts. I’m very proud of it. Basically, Jake and I start up the process and it moves outward from there where everybody adds their part. We’re socially existing and being different than the average American. We are political with just being who we are and our message is universal.

JM: Y'all spend alot of time on the road. What sort of extracurricular activities fill the time on a Scissor Sisters tour?

SS: A lot of arguing about movies and music…as well as a lot of laughing and reading.


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