Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Some apparent musical genius said that we hate it when our friends become successful. Not that I needed yet another reason to scoff at Morrissey, but the emergence of the Hot IQs is easily one of my favorite outcomes of the clubhouse days at Radio 1190. Saturday night Eli, Brian and Elaine treated us to an Xmas Party show alongside locals The Knew, d.biddle, Cat-A-Tac and then took the stage themselves with an expanded line-up that insured that you'd be hearing them like you never have before. I just happened to have a pocket recorder with me and decided to try my best to capture the set. I'm far from being a pro at such things though was excited enough to share it. I contemplated spending some time editing and cleaning up the tracks using some sort of software, but I know there's someone out there that could do a far better job than I, so I'll just let you all have a go at. Merry Christmas. Your set list is up above and yes that's snow falling down on Denver on Christmas. This Christmas orphan will being Sputnik all evening, so if you want to talk music and have a drink don't be afraid to say hi. Happy holidays all of you.

the Hot IQs - download The Hot IQs Live @ the Bluebird 12.22.07

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