Sunday, December 30, 2007

Because i could use some sunshine....

Now without internet at home, I'm blogging from a sports bar in my new neighborhood, which seems very unfitting for such a classy sounding band. The Clientele are no doubt an acquired taste. They'd be somewhere between twee pop and dream pop if they didn't sound so sophisticated and debonair. This year saw the release of God Save the Clientele, which doesn't sound all too different from their prior releases and it continues to appeal to me because it screams of the nostalgia that is the Zombies at their most proper. Curiously though, there were some changes as the trio added a new member to handle violin and backing vocals and God Save... was recorded stateside in Nashville with the fellow from Lambchop who's taken to the boards for the likes of Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Silver Jews. The lack of what you might expect from that is perhaps the only letdown as far as this record goes. On the other hand, once again the eloquent string arrangements are handled by Louis Phillippe and there's the familiar mixtape-worthy songwriting. This might be the group's cheeriest album to date, which is why I picked the track I did. it may not be as good as Strange Geometry or some of their singles, but it is still one of this year's best releases.

the Clientele - download "These Days Nothing But Sunshine"

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