Thursday, December 06, 2007

"boom-dadadadadadada boom-dadadada"

Sometimes all it takes is one song. Sure Architecture In Helsinki had a disappointing new full-length album that came out this year (Places Like This), but what I did agreeably put in my player over and over again was the "Heart It Races" single that preceded the lively group's third album. It took the Australian pop ensemble's organic sound in several directions allowing others to completely re-imagine the tune. The result included an amazing DJ Rupture mix feat. Trinidadian vocalist Mr. Lee G and a dancehall spin, an electro-pop meets calypso remix by YACHT and wholly unique cover versions, one rock by Hey Willpower! and one stripped down by Dr. Dog. It's AiH's at their best, moving from their twee beginnings to something far more danceable and less predictable in it's madcap instrument arrangements. It's just unfortunate more of the proper album itself didn't sound like this.

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