Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coming to an iPod Near You

So is it too early to get excited for 2008's impending releases? Perhaps a little tease from I AM KLOOT might help stir you? I for one look forward to a new album from the idol of my teenage years, Mr. Bob Mould. Seriously, I saw him wear a cardigan in a video so I bought one...and wore it everywhere for 10 years! District Line arrives in February. Cat Power comes purring with 2 discs of covers in time to make a great birthday presents for your writer. That same week brings some Hey Willpower to the party as well as the stateside release of the lastest Super Furry Animals album (which is actually already available over at the iTunes store). 

Eels has a greatest hits album (but who doesn't already own each of their brilliant albums?) as well as Useless Trinkets, a collection of B-Sides, soundtrack stuff, rarities and unreleased material spread over 2 CDs and a dvd! Hey, we all know E writes the B-Sides that make a small portion of the world cry, right? The final season of The Wire on HBO also comes knocking with a CD of all the wonderful songs from the best show on TV. There's got to be some Steve Earle on there somewhere. 

Then there are the M's: Man Man, Magnetic Fields, Mars Volta, & Margot and the Nuclear So and So's! That new Man Man album is coming out on Anti by the way, as is the Bob Mould disc- huge props to them for releasing such great stuff. They recently re-issued a few Neko Case albums with bonus tracks as well as the excellent Joe Henry album Civilians which I will touch upon later this month. 

Oh yeah- Portishead. Enough said, right? Supergrass has something called Diamon Hoo Ha. British Sea Power also should coming floating across the Atlantic. October 08 seems far off but I believe that's when we'll get the next album from the wonderful Kills. OK, I'l stop there but feel free to add your own two cents in the comments section below.

I AM KLOOT: "Hey Little Bird" (MySpace rip?)


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