Monday, December 31, 2007

"Cuz I won't be coming back around here...?"

There were two albums I didn't get a chance to write about with the constraints provided by my moving. Both of them are international pop artists who will see a domestic release this year, so to that end if I'm willing to write anymore, there will be a time for them. I'm wrapping up the 2007 retrospective though with a a band that put out my first favorite song of the year, the then ironic and now all too fitting "Goodbye." There was a lot of buzz building around this band heading into the then new year and with comparisons to Ivy, I was quick to take the plunge. Indie pop laden with airy sighs, to my excitement several people decided to ride the buzz with remixes of which I'd recommend seeking out the Cassettes Won't Listen mix. For the blog though I thought it best to give you the original and it's sugary bounce to wrap up the mix.

the Postmarks - download "Goodbye"

visit the band
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