Monday, December 17, 2007

"Here comes the really good bit"

Idiosyncratic proved to be the case rather than claims of this UK act being a one-trick pony. Art Brut will succeed where others fail because they wear their passion for pop music on their sleeves. It's A Bit Complicated is of course not very complicated at all. Once again the lyrics are clever and easy to memorize and while Eddie Argos lacks range, he is filled with spoken exuberance that is too charming for it's own good. I'm not sure if I'd call the group brilliant yet, but they've set the table well thusfar and it's going to be interesting to see where they go next. And I have to add they are a complete act in that they were one of the standout live acts from my trip to the Monolith Festival this summer. Like their first Denver gig at a much smaller venue, people rightfully went crazy for em, lining up in the front row sporting fake 'staches.

Every time someone tries to knock on this band I like to look them in the eye and ask if they've ever heard of this simplistic yet utterly compelling band from NYC called the Ramones. I don't honestly believe they're on that level, but it does, I hope, prove the point that critics who are underscoring Art Brut's style of music have no fucking place writing about music.

Art Brut - download "Direct Hit"

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