Sunday, December 16, 2007

"I will wait I will hope and pray that you'll be there"

My brother actually turned me on to this band a few years ago and I was finally able to see them live alongside an equally enjoyable indie super-group side-project they participate in by the name of Brakes Brakes Brakes. It was a fairly memorable show for me, partly because it was covered by the Spin website and I managed to get my mug up on one of their profiles and partly because I solicited a few chuckles from the band for requesting songs they hadn't played in years. One song they did play though was the excellent "Cold World," which I hesitated to include because it showed up on an EP last year before landing on brother's Tom and Alex White's latest album entitled No Need to Be Downhearted. Their third release of hook-filled pop music, P continue to find it rather ironic because they haven't garnered much success here despite sounding quite American (they are native to Brighton, UK). It reminds me of the nineties alternative my brother and I listened to so I'm pretty thrilled have them be a band we both dig.

Electric Soft Parade - download "Cold World / Starry Night #1"

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