Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Rumours say that you're very sorry"

Combining Swedish pop music and Merge records (two of my most favorite things) will immediately make my ears perk up. With acts like Camera Obscura, Essex Green, Crooked Fingers and Spoon it's no surprise why I currently think of Merge as the most reliable label for my particular tastes. Merge snatched up Shout Out Louds after their critically lauded, but under-marketed one-off, major-label debut here in the States and this year released Our Ill Wills. I've been playing a lot of songs from my year-end list at my late-night gig and this one has received the most positive feedback, with most people noting it sounds like a sad, but Robert Smith of the Cure fronting a tweepop band. The obvious comparison had likely been the biggest criticism thrown at the band, but I grew up listening to hip-hop and never will fault one for stealing in music. Produced by Bjorn of Peter, John and Bjorn, who brings in his band-mates and a slew of guests for some amazing arrangements, this one has a much more intentional and grandiose sound to it. Old flames appeared to be the most frequent topic at hand and so you'll receive no complaints from me. I'd venture to say it's a big step forward from the buzz that landed them on a major from the get-go. This one definitely cracks my top-ten with my missing this live show in Denver a huge regret.

*And as a quick sidebar, I'd also recommend looking for the single that included a b-side of the group collaborating with the Essex Green on a cover of my favorite Pogues song, "Streams of Whiskey." All

Shout Out Louds - download "Tonight I Have to Leave It"

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At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I think of Swedish pop, all I can think of is Komeda. I love me some Komeda.


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