Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tickle the Vote 2007

Hello. So I guess it's about time I should chime in on the easy-as-pie end-of-year festival of lists. Before I get started on that though, I'd like to point everyone's attention in the direction of NPR Music's very democratic "Best CD's of 2007" survey. If I could be a dork for a moment, let me suggest that perhaps you lend one of your five votes to my good friend Mocean Worker and his excellent album Cinco de Mowo!. There are more than enough rock and roller kids in skinny jeans on the list so why not spend one vote on the nice Jewish boy wearing purple pants (and trying to make everyone shake their rumps).

Later on tonight I'm hoping to post my Honorable Mentions. That is, the great songs and albums that didn't make the cut for individual posting treatment. Hey, it was a good year! Just don't expect me to go into as much detail as Jason- he's killin em with tracks and video and all sorts of verbiage this week.


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