Thursday, December 27, 2007

"What am I gonna do when I run out of shirts to fold?"

I wore the hell out of the debut Wilco cd when I was in high school after picking it up for a paltry sum at Newbury Comics. Conversely, I can't say I spent much time with the last one and as a result I didn't exactly pounce on Sky Blue Sky earlier this year. I'm glad I did get around to it though because I was pleasantly surprised to hear the group fiddling around less with sonic progressions and returning to their roots. This one had a very soulful seventies rock vibe to it akin to Being There and has one of my new favorite Wilco songs ever, "Hate It Here." Most critics screamed everything from "flat and uninspired" to "straightforward" and "utterly boring," but that leaves me scratching my head as I'm pretty sure it was those same people championing the groups pop sensibilities before Wilco went all Yankee Foxtrot on everyone and skyrocketed into the greater consciousness of music listeners. Too weepy to be commercially viable, too conventional for the critics and hipsters and just right for the music lovers.

Wilco - download "Hate It Here"

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