Friday, December 07, 2007

"Who cares what the question is when all your love's in messages?"

Both today and tomorrows entries contain unabashed sixties retro revival as enthusiastic as it is lackadaisical in it's kicked-back, hippy shuffling. Octopus, which was released in the UK last year, was finally given a proper stateside rollout this year, albeit as Band of Bees. The group from the smallish Isle of Wight recorded their sophomore release in the too-fabled-to-be-fabled anymore Abbey Road studio. The Bees have in fact been appropriately dubbed a hippy tribe by their native media for channeling the psych-era Beatles with a side-dish of weary, sun-battered Byrds. The diversified record shows that this six-piece is just as at home playing with reggae, jazz, classic soul and even a little vaudevillian camp. The end result is an album that sounds like it was recorded by a group of friends who don't take much seriously aside from just having some fun. Sort of a breath of fresh air considering how high-concept most critically lauded records tend to be these days. While I went with the first single here, you'd be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn't track down and also watch their humorous videos for the songs "Chicken Payback" and "Listening Man."

the Bees - download "Who Cares What the Question Is"

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