Thursday, December 20, 2007

"You ain't getting no younger and you've got nothing to show"

This is another tricky album to include for 2007 because it technically came out late last year (in the UK) and two of the better songs were originally recorded for a 2004 Nancy Sinatra record that Jarvis Cover collaborated on. Nonetheless, I listened to it quite a bit and it was actually difficult to choose which song to represent, so I imagine it merits some amount of attention. Well there's that and my long-standing man-crush. For all the love in the world I have for Pulp, they no doubt peaked in the nineties. For whatever reasons the adoring music fans got tired of the seedy, working-class laureate of trashy thrills, sending Jarvis on a wayward curiosity was sure to seep from this long-overdue solo attempt appropriately titled Jarvis.

Somehow Cocker manages to successfully continue to sing about a youthful discontent and mischief despite that fact that he is now in his mid-forties. No surprise that Cocker has decided to not change simply to grow with the changing times and with a voice and mantra that screams pornographic Leonard Cohen, it don't think he will ever have to. While I mean no disrespect to the other members of Pulp, you could drop this album into their discography right before the release of This Is Hardcore and the result would lend little suspicion. There's really only been one notable change: Considering that the time he has spent passing the years since Pulps "hiatus" find Cocker collaborating with and writing for others while contributing to tributes, it's become easier to accept him as one who does what he does because he has a passion for a certain kind of music and less because he seemed interested with being eternally being sexy and hip.

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