Monday, December 28, 2009

Track 11: "I Walk Alone" by Music Go Music

Expressions would be pretty high on my list if it weren't for that fact that it's merely a collection of singles and b-sides from the band's three 12" releases and that I included one of them on last year's mix. Still, it is nice to finally see all the songs in one place. The Los Angeles-based (of course) trio administers a dose of vintage, sugary 70's pop a'la ABBA and ELO in such a convincing manner, it might be mistaken for something found in a dusty thrift store bin. Surprisingly there is no guilt involved or at least I don't feel any.

Despite an elaborate set-up that begins with alias and ends with live performances on a staged, made-up program, removing the curtain, you will find members of the group Bodies of Water accompanied by a revolving door of other California bands noted for their own love of retro pop. I sort of loathe the attempt to be anonymous as it seems to suggest there is intentional irony. I want to believe someone loved this music and is trying to create the grandest tribute to it. Gala Bell aka Meredith Metcalf has one of the most enchanting voices you will ever hear and the rest of Music Go Music do a fine job at dousing out those burning disco albums and giving them a second life.

I think I've posted most of the songs on the album at one point or another. I choose this one because as Expression's opener, it does a fairly good job at shaking up the mood at the half-way point of the mix...where things start to take a dancier turn.

11.) "I Walk Alone" by Music Go Music

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At 5:50 PM, Blogger josh Mueller said...

What a great album opening scream!


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